A moment in Big Sky

Finally after twelve years I am finally able to come home to see the beauty of home. The winters in the cities are long and stress to hell and back. Here in the great open is a calming silence, one that a person can stop, relax and reset. One problem to be had though is that I don't wish to return to the hustle of the city life. Give me my mountains and high plains, with a beauty at my side and my pen in my hand.

A photo to contemplate upon.

Solitary Bench

It seems it has been ages sense I saw her, though in reality it has been three years since I last gazed upon her. I remember that faithful day when we played on a cooling autumn afternoon. How lovely that dear sweet memory reoccurs in my mind at night when I lay my head down to sleep. That was a time when I was just but a young soldier stationed in a far away exotic land full of mystery and beauty. Oh how I yearn for a return to that final day that we spent hand and hand. When we walked through the flower park, watching her wait for me upon a solitary bench in a groove, so stunning the sight that it took my very breathe away and then to see her gazing through a bakery window as though she were a child again. How I wish to return to that time.
It has been three years now upon that day, three years since I had to leave her behind. For these long years that seem to stretch out through time endless without mercy I have been in a land so foreign and dreaded that I seek to escape. How my heart bleeds for one moment to be with my endeared angel who saves me from this burning hell and guides to a place where I can once again feel whole. There are times in my deepest decent that I can swear by the heavens above that I can smell her gentle perfume or hear her soothing voice in the breeze, sometimes I can feel her soft touch upon my ragged and rough cheeks. It is as though somewhere on the other side this crazy marble she calls for me to return to her arms, as if she is watching over me and protecting me from that which I no longer fear but hope to be greeted by it only in my old age. By whatever power she holds may it, through this trial keep me safe and blossom into a glorious reunion. To give onto me the power and strength to push on till on that faithful that that I will take her once again in my arms and kiss her sweet lips ever so gently, to walk hand and hand to a quite country home and set her upon my knee, to love her throughout my years. For she is my love, my protectress, my angel. It is she who has given to me strength unmatched by any who has lived before or even to this day. I will return to my love who waits for me upon a solitary bench in the groove.

Psycopomp & Psychigogi

Far out in the backwaters of the unfathomable end of the Abyss lays a small yellow star. This is where he was exiled for what had seemed centuries. He was called Archrinod and his crime was betrayal of his lady Hera by allowing the Medusa to do give forth offspring. He had once been one of the most powerful psychigogi in all of Greece, with his powers he had brought the Egyptian to their knees. Now because of his sin he was trapped on this infernal sun with seemingly no way to escape.
Leonius was a traveling psycopomp in search of powerful magical devices that would help in his attempts to resurrect his dead wife. Through his eight years of wondering and collecting he still had come to no conclusion of his sacred quest. Till one day he was overtaken by a fierce sandstorm in the region of Iona in his search he came across a cave hidden with a cliff wall. He entered the cave only to find the skeleton of long dead soldiers. As he steeled himself he continued further. Soon he came into a fairly large alcove where it had seemed that a long dead sculptor had been at work sculpting was Leonius thought were men set in poses of battle. Some of the symbols laid upon the shield he could recognize. There were many from Sparta, Athens, Crete, Arcadia and Ithaca, the rest he did not know because they were foreign to him. Toward the far edge of the alcove was an archway reminiscent of Greek temples. “I wonder why anyone would set a temple here in this darkened place” he said to himself. He moved forward and crossed the threshold when he was struck with vision of men turning to stone, a man dress in crimson robes wielding ungodly blue flames and a hideous creature being born in the very place Leonius stood. Soon the vision faded and he crumpled to the floor in exhaustion.
He must have been asleep for days or so he felt. When he awoke he notice the oil lamps had been lit and he was stunned to see that he was sitting in the entrance to a temple dedicated to Hermes the reincarnated god. Weakly he pulled himself to his feet when he stopped in mid motion, something nearby had moved. Slowly Leonius slipped his hand into his sleeve and gathered a small pouch as he started to recite a whispered incantation. When he seen the motion again and two glowing golden eye he threw the small pouch high above the place where he seen the eyes and covered his own. Within second a bright green flash happened followed by a boom of the explosion. When Leonius lifted his head he saw nothing move but he could hear sobbing coming from the direction that he had seen the pair of eyes. He again gathered himself and slowly moved toward the sobbing sound. He slowly looked around the column and was taken aback by the sight he saw. The creature seemed to be a woman but her skin was of a jade green color, her eyes were golden and snake like and her hair was silver.
“Who are you?” Leonius asks while keeping his distance and his hand wrapped around another small pouch.
“I am curse by the gods because of the sins of my own mother who was taken away from.” The creature says.
“Your mother was a god?”
“No, she was Medusa, the cursed.”
Leonius was stunned and was not sure of what to say when the creature looked and him, he quickly averted his eyes.
“You need not fear me, my eyes are not like my mother’s. I have no power but it seems you do. I need the help of a strong psychigogi. Are you a psychigogi?”
“No I am a psycopomp seeking wisdom to bring back my most beloved from the depths of Hades. Why do you seek a psychigogi?”
“To release my father from his exile and to return him home to me. You can read the ancient codex and tombs can you not?”
“Through my year of wandering I have come to learn how. Do you have those scripts?”
“I do. I was never trained to read them for my father was exiled by Hera herself after I was born and my mother was soon after murdered.”
“I will try to help show me were these items are kept.”
Leonius helped the creature to her feet and followed her into one of the side chambers were manuscripts of a thousand or more were placed neatly on the shelves. Leonius was so overjoyed at his luck that he set to work in his search to break a god’s exiled cursed. The creature watched him intently hoping beyond all hope that this simple psycopomp could free her father. After nearly an hour of watching Leonius search the creature grabbed her chest and let out a scream, crumpling to the ground she fainted. Leonius ran to her and opened her hand to find a yellow glowing orb, on it was written an incantation. Reciting it it shattered with a large crack and before Leonius stood a man in crimson robes. “You free me from my sun, grant you my power and you wish.”
“My Wife.” Leonius says stunned.

The Watchman's Thoughts. 'The Greats: Prologue'

To this I must say that all men's destiny is to be damn by the Fates. For the gods of Olympus are powerless against the Fates. As the great Achilles once spoke that the gods envy us. It is our damnation that makes our lives so wonderful. I too have come to make peace with the Fates and my own destiny but herein to I curse them as they have cursed me. Even though my life has been filled with trials and many more to come like the great armies of Persia I will meet them and be content as the boatman's watch.

The Greats

My abode sets at the edge of the earth. So some may say that I am crazy but they were not here when I built my simple abode. Once I lived in the kingdom of Crete where I had a family and fields. Then life was good till the Fates decided life was too easy for me and sent me with my king to Troy. For years I fought the Trojans alongside Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus, those great heroes of Greece. Before our victory at Troy was complete my king was killed by the Trojan hero Hector, this was the end of my hopes to return to my wife and sons in Crete. Soon Odysseus took me under his wing and I would witness the fall of Greece’s greatest and Troy’s most beloved. Odysseus promised my return in return for my valor. Thus at the close of the war I would sail with Odysseus, once again the Fates frowned upon us and sent us to the ends of the earth where it would come to pass that I would find my new home.
It was into our eighth year or so I believe it to be, now that I have lost track of time. We came to a small island that we believed we could gain supplies. Soon we found to our dismay that the island neither had flora nor fauna but reeked of certain death. For day we wandered and search here and there for something to sustain our sail homeward; to our disappointment we found nothing, till we came upon a cave that ran deep under the dead earth. Nearing the end of the cavern we came upon a river and a lone boat with sail that seemed to be made of death shrouds. I was taken aback, mystified and mesmerized while most of my comrades fled out of fear of what would come. Only I, Homer and our beloved Odysseus stood firm gazing across the mire to catch a glance upon the other shore. Odysseus slowly moved toward the boat to see if there be an oar to cross with, there was none. We decide to return to ship but as we turn there the boatman stood. With an outstretched boney hand he spoke in what seemed to be a voice of a shrill wind and the rumble of distant thunder. His words were this, “My price is either your gold strong Odysseus to ferry you three across or one.”
Odysseus replied stepping forward, “Then take me.”
“No.” I spoke, my being shuttering in its shell as I was move by a force unknown, “You must return to beloved Ithaca, let it be me. I shall be your ransom, let our young scribe tell of your great adventures.”
So it came to be that my house stands at the edge of the earth as the boatman’s watch. For now I have seen a great many pass through my gates on their way to my master’s ferry. So to this my story does not end nor will it ever end. So in dedication I must compose a final note for those greats that I fought with and against, to my dearing wife to who stayed true to me throughout my absents by taking the holy garments of Artemis and to my sons who would serve along other great hero. To them all I have seen them pass through my watch to my great sadness, for I see their names upon the Book of Judgment ever before they arrive. So many I have seen and so many I have escorted. It has been so long that I know little of where the stories shall start. Many who are great of word and pen have I asked as they make my way to the boatman’s dock but, I cannot accept their advice to start the stories with mine for a was only a simple farm and a meager soldier. So I shall start by filling a tiny request from an old friend to fill in what he had left out of his account for he was only a mere child during the battle of Troy. So to my beloved friend Homer and will recount the Battle of Troy as I had known it.

Typhoon 15

Typhoon 15 hits the Kansai region of Japan. One of the strongest typhoons to hit the Kansai area this year. Typhoon 15 comes nearly a week and a half after Typhoon 12 edged Southwestern Kansai leaving damage to Wakayama, Nara, Mie and Hyogo Prefectures. Typhoon 15 has so far made matter worse for Prefectures effected by Typhoon 12. Currently many schools in the Kansai region have been canceled except for Osaka Prefecture. Common sense in not a strong suit in Japan including in Osaka Prefecture.